Make an Informed Home Purchasing Decision

Hire our reputable home inspector for a detailed inspection report

Buying a new home can be a stressful process, but you can put your mind at ease when you work with a reliable home inspector. You can count on A-Team Home Inspection for expert home inspection services in St. Joseph, Sartell or St. Cloud, MN. We put our wealth of experience to work for homebuyers, home sellers and homeowners completing annual maintenance.

That way, you can be confident in the state of your home.

Why hire A-Team Home Inspection?

Inspecting a home thoroughly takes experience, dedication and attention to detail. At A-Team Home Inspection, we know everything there is to know about houses. Our inspectors have over two decades of home inspection experience. We also draw on more than 34 years of experience in engineering, quality assurance, real estate and home improvement.

When you hire us for home inspection services, we'll:

  • Set up a consultation to discuss the home with you
  • Inspect each room in the house thoroughly
  • Look for signs of common problems
  • Search for potential structural defects

As soon as our inspection is complete, we'll give you a detailed and accurate digital report.

Our inspectors will work hard to give you peace of mind before you buy or decline to buy a home. To make an inspection appointment, call 320-309-0724 right away.