Get a Yearly Checkup for Your Home

Residents of St. Joseph and St. Cloud, MN count on us for thorough home maintenance inspections

Even if you aren't planning to sell or buy a house, it can be helpful to schedule a thorough home inspection. Many homeowners find that getting annual home maintenance inspections done can help them avoid expensive repair costs. When you live in your house day after day, you may not notice small signs of potential major problems - but a home inspector will.

A-Team Home Inspection has over 24 years of industry experience, so it's safe to say we know what we're doing. Schedule an appointment today to partner with a preferred provider of home inspections in the St. Joseph and St. Cloud, MN area.

3 issues we'll notice that you might have missed

By scheduling an annual home maintenance inspection, you can make sure there aren't any hidden problems in your home. Our knowledgeable home inspector will pick up on:

  • Small signs of concerns such as water leaks/intrusion, areas of decay and cracks in items that could lead to major issues
  • Short term and long-term items to be addressed before they get worse.
  • Faulty appliances and other items that do not function correctly.

Almost every seller can benefit from hiring a qualified home inspector. Schedule an appointment today to help the selling process go more smoothly.

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