Monthly Items

☐ Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors replace batteries or replace unit if older than 10 years.
☐ Inspect and/or replace fire extinguishers if they have lost some charge pressure.
☐ Change HVAC filters (as per system requirements or at least every 3 months).
☐ Clean and/or replace range hood filter.


☐ Clean humidifiers and underneath major appliances.
☐ Make sure that all flammable liquids, such as paint supplies, are not near heating units.
☐ Test and ensure that sump pump is working properly.
☐ Inspect dryer vents and air ducts for buildup of lint, debris or signs of mold.
☐ Inspect attic for any signs of leaks or pest intrusion.
☐ Clean and reverse direction of ceiling fans. Clean light fixtures


☐ Inspect the roof for missing or loose shingles. Repair or replace as necessary.
☐ Clean out gutters, downspouts & window wells. Install or ensure heat tape is functioning properly.
☐ Remove and store window screens and install storm windows.
☐ Rake leaves, prune trees & bushes away from the siding, air conditioner and roof.
☐ Inspect caulking around doors and windows and add weatherstripping as necessary.
☐ Create a fire escape plan and practice with family.
☐ Flush out water heater and service as necessary.
☐ Clean fireplace & wood stove. Prep wood supply with dry wood.
☐ Inspect & schedule chimney cleaning to clean creosote from fireplace flues.
☐ Remove window air conditioners and place cover on top of outdoor units. Do not cover the sides
of the outside unit as that retains moisture and could adversely affect the motor and electronics.
☐ Have heating system checked and repaired for proper operation.
☐ Cover and store outdoor furniture, barbecues, etc.
☐ Apply the correct fall formulated lawn fertilizer and aerate lawn.
☐ Drain and store garden hoses and blowout irrigation systems. Winterize outside faucets.
☐ Clean, drain fuel & winterize summer lawn equipment. Prep snow removal equipment.

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