Monthly Items

☐ Test smoke detectors and replace batteries or replace unit if older than 10 years.
☐ Inspect and/or replace fire extinguishers if they have lost some charge pressure.
☐ Change HVAC filters (as per system requirements or at least every 3 months).
☐ Clean and/or replace range hood filter and replace refrigerator water and air filters.


☐ Shampoo carpets. Summertime allows you to open up the windows to dry out the carpets well.
☐ Defrost freezer. Dispose of any outdated frozen items or use them up to make room for new items.
☐ Clean the garbage disposal by grinding ice cubes, then flushing with hot water and baking soda.
☐ Clean faucet aerators and showerheads to remove mineral deposits.
☐ Flush out the hot water heater to remove accumulated sediment.
☐ Summertime is a good time to have the air ducts and vents inspected and cleaned.


☐ Power wash siding and brick. Repair as necessary. Repaint any chipped or faded siding & trim.
☐ Inspect fencing. Pressure wash to clean & refresh appearance. Reinforce, re-stain, reseal or paint.
☐ Clean driveways and walkways. Refill cracks on cement and asphalt areas. Sealcoat asphalt areas.
☐ Repair decks. Tighten down screws and reseal the wood to extend life. Or add a new deck!
☐ Now is the time to replace any old windows and doors. Much easier than other times of the year!
☐ Inspect roof and gutters. This is also the best time to have these repaired or replaced.
☐ If you're looking at any home improvements that require any changes to the roofline such as dormers, skylights or vaulted ceilings, summer is the best time to get this done!
☐ If you have a chimney, summer is the best time to have it inspected & cleaned. Don't wait till fall!
☐ Trim trees and shrubs away from air conditioning unit to allow proper air flow. Disconnect power and then clean the air conditioning housing and radiator. Make sure no debris is blocking air flow.
☐ Connect garden hoses and/or startup the irrigation system. Determine the watering schedule.
☐ Apply the correct summer formulated lawn fertilizer to ensure a lush and healthy lawn.
☐ It's grilling season!! Clean inside & outside of charcoal grills by wiping it down. For gas grills, turn on high heat for 30 minutes, let it cool and use a grill brush to clean the grates and inside.
☐ Get your pool ready for summer! Clean it well and balance the chemistry for summer fun!
☐ Inspect & tune up fall equipment such as leaf rakes & chainsaws. Don't forget hunting equipment!

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