Monthly Items

☐ Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors replace batteries or replace unit if older than 10 years.
☐ Inspect and/or replace fire extinguishers if they have lost some charge pressure.
☐ Change HVAC filters (as per system requirements or at least every 3 months).
☐ Clean and/or replace range hood filter and replace refrigerator water and air filters


☐ Set heat thermostat to a lower setting to conserve energy.
☐ During deep cold spells (<15 degrees for more than 24 hours) keep all interior doors open to
encourage heat circulation.
☐ Clean HVAC humidifier or purchase a humidifier to maintain proper humidity in living space.
☐ Ensure that HVAC humidifier drain line is clear and not clogged.
☐ Insulate hot water heater with insulating blanket to conserve energy.
☐ Operate the hot water heater relief valve and ensure that water flows from the valve.
☐ Apply pipe insulation to internal exposed plumbing pipes to conserve energy.
☐ Test and reset your GFCI and AFCI outlets/breakers to ensure proper operation.
☐ Check the toilets for leaks and that the flush valve works properly to avoid wasting water.
☐ Inspect tile joints, grout & caulking on tile floors, backsplashes, sinks, toilets & in bathtub areas.
☐ Check water supply lines and drains under sinks for any signs of leakage and repair as necessary.
☐ Prepare for a storm (water, non-perishables, batteries, flashlights, weather radio, etc.)
☐ This is also a great time to plan and complete any interior remodeling to improve home value!


☐ Make sure any outdoor trash cans or recycling receptacles are easily accessible.
☐ Stock up on salt and/or sand for sidewalks and driveways and keep clear of snow and ice.
☐ Monitor roof for any ice dams or damage. Icicles are an indication of a poorly insulated attic and
can create a potential ice dam and cause ice on walkways.
☐ If ice dams do develop, install heat tape or make note to install in the summer for next season.
☐ For heavy snow, use a roof rake to remove excess snow to reduce snow weight from roof.
☐ Check intake vents to ensure that screens are in place to prevent rodent intrusion.
☐ Clean snow and ice buildup from snowblowers after each use.
☐ Hang up Christmas lights and setup outside decorations!

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